Monday, April 22, 2013

I want to share about the Tips and Tricks in typing CAPTCHA. But before sharing the tricks, i want you to read first the definition of word CAPTCHA for you and the beginners who want to type captcha also to fully understand of what it is..

CAPTCHA (pron.: /ˈkæp.ə/) is a type of challenge-response test used incomputing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being. The process usually involves a computer asking a user to complete a simple test which the computer is able to grade. These tests are designed to be easy for a computer to generate but difficult for a computer to solve, but again easy for a human. If a correct solution is received, it can be presumed to have been entered by a human. A common type of CAPTCHA requires the user to type letters and/or digits from a distorted image that appears on the screen. Such tests are commonly used to prevent unwanted internet bots from accessing websites, since a normal human can easily read a CAPTCHA, while the bot cannot process the image letters and therefore, cannot answer properly, or at all.

There are many websites today that offering services in captcha typing. After you type or solve the images about 1,000 entries,  the company will pay you. And the fact that you don't know more about it, your work will not be paid or your account will be banned shortly from typing or permanently with many reasons and don't get paid of your work.. so study first and read this TIPS and TRICKS in typing CAPTCHAS for you to become more efficient and confident in typing and solving images just like a professional captcha typers.
click here to join:  WWW.MEGATYPERS.COM/REGISTER


click here to join:  WWW.MEGATYPERS.COM/REGISTER 


 You can type directly to the MEGATYPERS website but if you really want to have a third PARTY software... i'll send you the program. In that software,,, you can create or add multiple id's....but you must sign-up first in the MEGATYPERS site with an INVITATION CODE: 8HKI 


Images are not loading up fast enough?

The timer starts and the image takes a few seconds to appear! Why is this?

It seems that there’s a connectivity problem between your internet connection and the server. Please try to work using a different internet connection and see if the problem persists. You must upgrade your internet connection or change internet providers if you want images to show up faster.

If the timer is running and images are not loading fast enough, Make sure that you're not downloading anything and that nobody else is using the internet while you are working. If the images are still not loading up in time, you should upgrade to a faster internet connection. 

Working with 2 word images (Several Tips)

Always leave a space between the two words:

If one of the words is only partially readable, then type the readable part (try to avoid the "DON'T KNOW" button

You don't need to type symbols or punctuation marks.

Images with spaces and letter separation

Be careful with images that appear to have spaces between the letters, most of them don't! You will only need to type space on images that has 2 words.

 Only focus on main text

There are some images that appear to have small sized text at the top or at the bottom. Avoid typing this small text! Only type the larger and most visible contents of the image.

Type faster taking Free Typing Lessons

You can improve your typing speeds substantially if you take free typing lessons. I have used free software to improve my typing speed and I can now type a lot faster! I went from 30 Words per Minute to 60 Words per Minute. I've been using computers for over 10 years and I've never typed as fast as right now.
Use Google to find "free typing software" and improve your results! I personally prefer RapidTyping(English only software).

  I have been banned because of "Kickouts". Why?

  Kick outs Ban caused by
- Not working fast enough

- Slow or non-stable Internet Connection

- Old or outdated software or hardware

Am getting Banned due to RECAPTCHA. What's that??

"Recaptcha" is an error message which comes up when the system blocks your account for typing an incorrect Captcha comprised by two words or segments.
YOU NEED TO TYPE BOTH IMAGES CORRECTLY, otherwise your account will be banned. Check the examples below.

REMEMBER, incorrect images are not paid.
Don’t Type Garbage!

We understand that anyone can make a few mistakes while typing, but it is a very serious offense to purposely type incorrect text. Any text that doesn’t resemblance the content of the Image is considered “garbage”. Your account might be suspended and not pay you if you type garbage text.


Press the Esc Key as a shortcut for the "DON'T KNOW" button other software uses the stop/pause button.Only click “DON’T KNOW” Or the STOP, CANCEL Button when necessary

Only click "DON'T KNOW" for images that can't be read after they have loaded. Sometimes images will take a few seconds to be loaded. Avoid pressing "DON'T KNOW" until the image has properly loaded.

How to prevent getting banned

Get Typing practice try sites like :   or
Work in area with limited distractions
Close all programs running on your computer except your web-browser running Typers. 
Upgrade your internet connection, software or hardware.
After you have checked all these things, if you still having issues then you need to submit a help ticket. 

I have an error that says "You are not logged in to your account". Why is this?

If you have this error is because you have been temporarily suspended. You might have been pressing “Don’t Know” too many times. Please read the Rules and Tips before proceeding. Your account will be reactivated in a few minutes. If you continue with these activities, your account may be permanently suspended.


Booby-Trap is the message given by the system when your account is banned when the image is too easy to read that there is no way to get confuse while decoding them.

Most of the times this happens when the typer uses a third party software to decode images.
If you have been banned because of BOOBYTRAPS or RECAPTCHA, your account will not be unbanned.

Consequences of using 3rd party softwares.

If you are using a 3rd party software to decode images, you most probably have been hacked by the company or the person who sold you the program for a cheap price and sometimes for free. Perhaps, you believe there are good excuses to buy them : 

Speed up the flow of images.
Multiple images on the same window.
Gives you the option to open multiple accounts at the same time.
Etc, etc...

But reality is, once you enter your username and password in these programs, you are compromising your full access to them. Find below the pattern most of them follow :
As you always got pay, they will let you earn for a week or two.
All of a sudden (before pay day) your payment account is changed.
Once the payout is completed, your payment information is changed back to how it was.
You send a ticket asking what happened with the amount you should have earned.
If you want to assure money in your pocket, don't risk your hard work buying alternative software to work in the website.

Scammers sell software, don't use them!

Using these softwares may potentially harm your computer and they will get your account suspended.